Thursday, 24 October 2013

Urban Decay Shattered Face Case review & swatches

I'm an eyeshadow palette hoarder and an Urban Decay fanatic, so how could I resist getting some of their new limited edition offerings? From their Holiday 2013 collection I picked two items: their Vice 2 (to be reviewed later) and Shattered Face palettes.

I was instantly drawn to the Shattered Face palette not only because the shade selection seemed just perfect to me, but also I liked the fact that this palette is a kind of variety box, which makes it possible to create an entire face-eye-lip look and gives the opportunity to try out a number of other UD products apart from their eyeshadows.

I quite liked the packaging, which represents a shattered mirror, I'm not sure what UD meant by that. Are UD customers so ugly that mirrors shatter?
Everything is conveniently packed within one little palette, the lip pencil can be reached for both from the upper and the bottom drawer. Both compartments contain a convenient, large, full-sized mirror. 
Unfortunately, opening the bottom compartment makes an impossible task. No matter how hard you try, this thing is locked so tight it will not budge. I figured out that to open this you need to open the upper part first, then grab the eyeshadow compartment from the side where the lip pencil is supposed to be and pull towards you. That should release the click mechanism and the bottom compartment will open without making you break your nails.

As far as quality of the eyeshadows is concerned, each single one is a winner in terms of pigmentation, smoothness, buttery texture, application, blendability and colour pay-off and staying power. However, like ALL Urban Decay eyeshadows, they produce tons of fall out, so always remember to do your eyes first, otherwise you'll spoil your make-up. 

The quality of the blushes is amazing, they blend really well and last all day long. I'm not a highlighter kind of person, but I've tried the one here and I like it a lot. 

As far as the Super-Saturated High-Gloss Lip Color is concerned, the shade is not my favourite, but the pencil offers highly pigmented lip colour and glossy shine. It's quite similar to those Chubby Sticks dupes every brand had in their offer right now, just in a pencil form. Wears decently long and feels lightweight and moisturising on my lips.

And the final component, the 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Zero is the one that is almost always attached to UD palettes and I've got quite a collection of. It's a high quality, soft and smooth medium black pencil that will not budge no matter what.

The eyeshadows are all new and unavailable elsewhere:
Shakedown is an interesting shade. It looks like a shimmery charcoal gray in the pan, but when swatched it reveals strong taupe undertones. At first glance it seemed to be a dupe of UD Mushroom, but when swatched side by side, Shakedown looked more browny, though both are definitely from the same shade family. Shimmer.
Remix is such a gorgeous autumnal purple. It has some taupe undertones as well and doesn't look red or bruised on the lids. It makes a perfect crease colour, which matches all the other shades from the palette exceptionally well. Shimmer.
Nameless is sort of similar to Shakedown, but it's lighter and even warmer and browner, but still within the cool-toned colour range. It makes a perfect all-over-the -lid colour. Shimmer.
Minor Sin is a gorgeous base or highlight colour. It's hard to describe the shade, I'd say it's a pinky champagne colour. And the finish is somewhere inbetween low shimmer and satin. Incredibly smooth and really, really pretty.
Bleach, unlike the name suggests, is not a stark white shade. It's a light, yellow-beige highlight colour with a matte finish. Incredibly smooth and non-chalky. Kinky is similar, but slightly less yellow, Habit is slightly darker, Foxy is slightly yellower and Anonymous is a bit pinker. All of these shades, however, are veryclose dupes, so if you ever consider getting any of these separately, there's absolutely no need to invest in more than one.

I've never used an UD blush before, so I was very excited to try these:
Overexposed is a gorgeous autumn colour. It's a muted rose peach shade, which I like to use on my cheekbones to give my face some shape and contour. It's not madly pigmented, so it's very easy to use. You may apply it lighthandedly for a sheer was of colour or build it up without the blush looking obvious or chalky.
Temper is a muted baby pink, again very wearable, but I'm so in love with overexposed that I'm putting using Temper off will winter. 
Glint is a champagne highlighter. I'm not a specialist in the area, I don't have many highlighters to compare this one with, but it seems to me that it applies very smoothly and looks so pretty. It's not chalky it glittery, it just gives this beautiful kind of sheen. 

The lip colour in Lovechild is a pastel shade of rosy coral. It's pigmented and feels like a lip balm on my lips. A nice and very wearable colour, I'm just not a fan of nudes and pinky shades. But I'm sure I'll make a good use of is, treating it as my go to colour.

And of course, the eyeliner in Zero is something that has been on the market for years, everyone's heard of it and most of my readers already own it. It's a great black eyeliner to create a pretty natural, not insanely dramatic kind of look.

To sum up, I must say that this is one of the most successful eyeshadow palettes in my posession. Not only is it packed with a variety of goodies, but also all shadows match one another and you can use them safely together without worrying if they will match or clash. This palette contains all you need for a well-coordinated look. There are eyeshadows to use as highlighters or in inner corners, base colours and  darker crease shades. The black eyeliner is not too dramatic and goes with the eyeshadows well. The two muted blushes are an extremely good  match for the eye looks and the lip colour is so neutral that it can be worn by everyone, everywhere and with everything.
This palette is all I need these days, I keep playing with it all the time. I think it'll also make my travel companion in the future. 

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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