Thursday, 19 January 2012

Burberry Blush in Peony (No.04) - review &swatches

Here it is. The newest beauty in my collection. Burberry blush in Peony! It has come all the way here from Harrods thanks to my dear Anka's help and commitment. Only after she'd bought the blush did I realise what I'd asked her to do! Shopping in Harrods on the first days of sales, god this must have been insane...

Peony is by far the prettiest beauty gadget that I own. It's perfect in every detail, starting from the tasteful cardboard packaging, through the cheched pouch to the blush itself. Peony is packed in a metal case with Burberry check on the lid. Once opened the box reveals a pastel pink blush adorned with the same check pattern, which gives out sweet smell and an angled brush. Every moment of unpacking this product is a pleasure, the pleasure of dealing with something so beautiful that it verges on art and you know that in a moment you'll start hesitating whether you should use it or perhaps you should display it like a sculpture.

I decided to use it after all and it's not an art for art's sake kind of thing but a perfectly usable product. Although I like to use my own blush brush the brush attached does the job really well and would definitely do when travelling. The blush seems at first quite pale and I've read a couple of reviews saying it's not pigmented. Well, I dare to contradict. It's pigmented like hell (if you want to know what a blush which lacks pigmentation looks like check NARS Sex Appeal). The thing is that the shade itself is so natural looking that it melts into my cheeks and the natural shade of my complexion giving my face a fresh, enhanced I'd say kind of  look, but nothing obvious. I think it does look lovely on pale complexions like mine, on darker ones this would look ashy.

The shade is soft peony pink. I have trouble describing the finish cause in the sunlight you can see that it's actually quite sparkly, which has nothing to do with what the blush looks like once applied. It looks very definitely matte on my cheeks but if you looks really close you'll see tiny sparkles on your cheeks which somehow fail to create any sheen, I suppose they add up to the general glow.

When I first swatched it I was surprised at how powdery it was. This worried me a bit but when I applied the blush on my cheeks I noticed no chalkiness whatsoever. I realized this blush powder is so soft and so finely milled that it crumbles at the slightest touch. I love soft powders and I don't mind this at all! All in all this is a wonderful product, the only little hiccups are the price and the limited colour range.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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