Monday, 2 January 2012

Christmas break 2011

i know this isn't a xmas picture, but this is what adam's managed to do: he stuck a piece of cheese in the printer

X-mas, as always, was a busy time for us all.
As usual we all gathered in the house of my parents-in-law, with us nibbling at all this fattening Christmas food we no longer like, but we eat it to preserve the tradition and  the kids running berserk, the waiting for Santa to come sent them definitely out of their wits. Then unpacking the presents, feeling guilty about the amount of stuff we all got cause my aunt (whose daughter married a Greek and is on the verge of starvation now) perceives the abundance as a manifestation of social injustice. Then more food arrived. Although we had plenty of things to eat the table looked kind of poor, cause my mother-in-law took great care to serve very small one-piece-each portions and to remove the stuff to the kitchen as quickly as possible. Generally, the whole feast seemed kind of chaotic.
Once we returned home and put the boys to beds the pleasant part of the evening started with mulled wine and music and presents and us.
For the next two days we kept cruising between my parents' country house and my in-laws place, the kids never tiring or falling asleep.
On Tuesday I was really glad all this madness was over and I could return to my quiet life, sleep a little longer, rest from driving Misiek to kindergarten, which is the thing which I hate most about my present life! Unfortunately staying at home with Adam has recently become a nightmare cause this lovely little boy knows no limits, he's never heard of gravity or spatial limitations and he really enjoys the rush of adrenaline. He brings havoc wherever he moves, climbs the chairs to switch on the light or unlock the door, works on his father's laptop computer. He's an adept hand mixer operator or mixer-dancer ( dances with the mixer in one hand and a bowl in the other) and he's just became a fanatic of cinematic projections of Cars2, he's even invented a word for this - KUNTI.
So I spent my Christmas break running after this sweetness incarnate and trying to prevent him from doing too much damage (not quite successfully cause he manaded to break an Ikea table lamp and spill a whole mug of coffee all over the sofa and me). So you can imagine how happy I was when I mum agreed to have him on New Year's night. We didn't go anywhere cause Mikolaj stayed at home with us, but he's relatively a small niusance nowadays. We had a quiet celebration with our 1st floor neighbours, preceeded by a kids party in our flat. This was uneventful, but very nice. Moderation is the key to success (hmmmm I must be really tired to start believing in such nonsense haha).
my son's got the letteer blocks and I just couldn't resist. especially after xmassy ted

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