Sunday, 1 December 2013

Palmers Natural Bronze Body Lotion review

I've noticed the appearance of Palmer's cosmetics in certain Polish drugstores and started wondering whether to get one of their self-tanners to try out.
While I was still hesitating, the Glossybox made the decision for me and sent me a travel-sized bottle of their Natural Bronze Body Lotion.

It surprised me how effective this lotion was after one use. It definitely changed my skin colour overnight, and it stayed tanned for incredibly long. This is quite unusual with gradual self-tanners, which are meant to be used daily. I used this moisturiser two or three times a week as using it more often could produce ridiculous results. 
What I was not very enthusiastic about was the strong cocoa fragrance, which was so intense that it seemed artificial. But scents are a matter of personal taste and I do realize other people do not need to find this particular one unpleasant.
Unfortunately, there are also two things that I really didn't like and which managed to put me off quite successfully. One is the yellow shade of the tan, which looked very unnatural on my cool-toned and very white skin (on my legs in particular), and the second is the way my body smelled the day after. The strong cocoa fragrance masks the odour of self tanner for a couple of hours, but then it comes out and is very strong and unpleasant.

I believe this tanning moisturiser might look good on olive-toned skin, on mine it didn't look natural at all. I would be prepared to bear the smell of my own skin if the results were satisfactory. 
St Tropez remains invincible as far as tan shade is concerned.


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