Thursday, 1 October 2015

Gosh Boombastic Mascara in #004 Dusty Amethyst review

I bought this mascara upon a strong recommendation of an assistant in my local drugstore. She raved about the blue one, but since I've got a couple really good blue mascaras going on I went for the purple option. 

Gosh Boombastic XXL Volume mascara promises a ton of volume and a pop of colour. 
The shade I picked is, as is always the case with purple mascaras, a kind of milky violet, which can be worn alone for a more hazy look or over any black mascara for more definition.

This is a mascara I love and hate at the same time, but my feelings tend to drift towards hate ever so slightly more often.
So what is the problem with this mascara? 
The wand is fine for my upper lashes, but the sparse spiky rubber bristles tend to miss my bottom lashes and leave them completely bare. 
The formula is super thick and kind of pastey, which means one stroke deposits tons of mascara in clumps, blotches and makes my lashes feel as heavy as if I was wearing drag-queen style false lashes. It takes time to brush my lashes through and remove those clumps, the process isn't always successful as the mascara dries rather fast and I often end up with super clumpy spidery lashes which I'm embarassed to leave my house with. I tried wiping the excess of mascara off, but there's really so much excess and everything gets really messy.
But on the other hand, if everything goes fine, this is the most dramatic colour mascara I've ever tried and I really need volume. It doesn't smugde or transfer, but does crumble a bit.     

So, all in all I don't know what to think. I think this could be a really good mascara if the manufacturer managed to insert some kind of stopper-like device in the neck that would scoop some of the excess product back to the tube. But the way it is it's messy and unreliable.

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