Wednesday, 21 October 2015

MAC lipsticks in Diva Antics and Persistence review and swatches

MAC lipstick in Diva Antics

I don't know how this is possible, but I overlooked the opening of MAC Cosmetics in my home town. Having realised that what I'd dreamed of for years was just round the corner, I decided to pick up a couple of things. The first two I got round to reviewing are fall lipsticks.  

Diva Antics comes from the Macnificent Me collection ( I have no idea whether it's also permanent or a repromote) and it's the most gorgeous wine colour. The colour is super opaque and even and there's a nice glossy finish to it. The lipstick feels incredibly comfortable on my lips, moisturises them throughout the day and wears for long hours, which is quite surprising for such a dark and glossy shade. I absolutely adore this lipstick in the autumn!  

MAC lipstick in Diva Antics

MAC lipstick in  Persistence

The other lipstick comes from theit permanent line, but for some reason is rarely mentioned by beauty bloggers. 
This is a beautiful matte brown lipstick that applies beautifully and wears well for hours, though may eventually feel drying. Unfortunately this lipstick has a warm peachy undertone, which in no way suits my complexion. I blend it with cooler-toned lipsticks or glosses to make it more wearable, but to be honest I think it would suit my mum better.

MAC lipstick in Persistence

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