Thursday, 27 September 2012

Bath & Body Works in Pink chiffon review

I was quite happy to receive a Bath and Body Works body lotion in my September Glossybox cause I'd heard a lot about the brand but hadn't been able to try it out due to low availabitily in Poland.

The bottle I received is a very convenient travel-size product (88ml), the amount which will last at least 2 weeks of regular application. I loved the consistency of the product, it was just right, neither too runny or too thick to get it out of the bottle and apply. I also liked the smoothing and moisturising effect it had on my skin. This would be a perfect product, a worthy replacement for my everlasting favourites from The Body Shop if it wasn't for a tiny little hiccup: the smell. I don't mind it being very strongly perfumed, this could actually be an asset, but it's the type of smell I hate. This is the smell which brings to my mind the worst connotations of the colour pink. Barbie eau de toilette for girls, candy floss, lollipops, YSL Baby Doll perfume, all mixed together with some sickeningly sweet flower blossoms. The smell is so strong that when I apply it after my evening bath, I wake up perfumed in the morning!

Perhaps there are other kinds of this lotion which have a more attractive smell but this one has discouraged me successfully. whenever i feel like having some more luxurious body treatment I'll definitely reach for somethinf from The Body shop.

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