Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Nivea goody bag: I won a competition!

I'm proud to announce I won a Nivea competition! A cosmetic bag with 2 creams and 4 masks and an inflatable beach ball arrived yesterday. I love Nivea and I'm currently using one of the creams I got (review pending) so I was really happy to get all this stuff. Yay!
The funny thing is that I didn't remember I'd entered their competition so when I got their e-mail announcing my victory and asking me for my personal details I was really close to deleting it. To win the contestants were supposed to write a brief review of their favourite Nivea product. I chose their dual make-up remover and wrote something shamefully simple, then forgot all about it. After winning the competition I reread what I'd written and it definitely wasn't the best piece I'd written. The conclusion is: girls, do take part in competitions! It doesn't take any skill or effort to write something that will incidentally suit the taste of the jury.

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