Sunday, 30 September 2012

Something Japanese: Annayake Cleansing Foam review

Annayake cleansing foam is one of the products included in my September Douglas Box of Beauty.

This cleansing foam reminded me really strongly of the two Skinfood cleansing foams I've tested. The same thick consistency, pearly colour, and method of application and effect. This is the kind of foam which will refuse to look similar to any kind of foam until you mix it with a drop of water. Then the pearly substance turns into a very rich and thick foam which disappears after a single splash of water, leaving this weird rubbery feel to your skin. It always seems to me that it removes all impurities together with all the sebum and natural film of moisture the skin normally possesses. Moisturiser needed instantly after!
I really liked the result achieved after about 2 weeks of using this product. My skin suffered from a severe break-out caused by Clinique Even Better (heh) and this cleansing foam improved the condition of my skin greatly.
To return to the comparison with Skinfood foam cleansers. Which would I choose? The products are basically almost the same, the difference being the smell, price and availability. Annayake cleanser smells like the Savon de Marseille which definitely is not my favourite fragrance. The cleansers by Skinfood are more nicely perfumed. Annayake is more expensive but it's widely available in the nearest shopping mall. I'll probably order something Skinfood simply because I enjoy Korean shopping, not because Annayake is deficient in any way.

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