Saturday, 22 September 2012

Korean goodies: Missha M Signature Real Complete B.B. Cream #21 review

Missha is one of iconic brands as far as Korean BB creams are concerned. When I was researching korean BB creams before buying the first one for myself  Missha was among the three most mentioned brands (together with Skinfood and Skin79). Missha was my first choice and first contact with BB creams . The first two BB creams I tried were ill-matched for my oily skin but gave me the idea of what a BB cream is and how it works, both landed in my mum's hands who loved them dearly.

The fact that both Missha BB creams I'd tried before proved  too oily for my skin type discouraged me from exploring the brand in greater detail and I never got the opportunity to test their Signature Real Complete BB Cream. And I was right cause again this is far too oily for my skin but otherwise this is a REALLY GOOD BB CREAM. When swatched on my hand didn't feel particularly oily but on my face I could immediately notice this BB cream was not meant for my oily skin. My face looked very greasy and needed a lot of setting powder but I strongly recommend it for anyone with dry skin.

The shade I tested  (#21) is a very nice flatter-all beige, with no yellow, orange, pink or gray undertones. It
evens out the skin tone beautifully. I find it hard to describe the level of coverage: it didn't make my freckles disappear completely (which is good cause I love my freckles) but perfected the appearance of my skin. And this is exactly what BB creams are about!

This cream has a nice faint smell, nothing like perfumed face but still discernible.

And here go the swatches, each picture taken in slightly different light against my NW20skin, I'm posting all of them cause I hope some of you will find them helpful.

Disclaimer: I received this product as a complimentary sample for my personal use and I'm not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my personal opinion.


  1. I really wanna try this now! I am nc15, do u think it is light enough for me?

  2. Hi, I'm not totally sure about the shade. I'm NW20 and it blended in really well. I no longer have any samples to check whether they tend to go lighter or darker on my untanned skin. So I doubt I can help you here.

  3. I ordered #13 just to be safe! Btw u should try BRTC jasmine water especially if ur nw20, cuz it has pink undertones. U may need some powder over it, but it's awesome!

    1. I think you've made the right decision! I haven't tried anything by BRTC, need to put the jasmine water on my wishlist. Thanks for the tip!