Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My handicrafts

I would like to proudly announce my return to handicrafts. In the past I used to display more creativity and did things like sewing, embroidery, decorative arts etc. Then I stopped for the lack of time, space, will and confidence.
Having read a couple of lifestyle/interior design amateur blogs I felt inspired to do something myself. I started with making a hanging bathroom dustbin. I wanted a small dustbin for my bathroom shelf to stop all these used cotton pads and wipes lying around but there's no space to put it. So I made these two lace-lined sacks which can be lined with small dustbin liners for hygiene and comfort. I've tested them for a couple of weeks and they perform their function pretty well and look rather nice.

The second achievement of mine is a bathroom cabinet/chest of drawers made of old glossyboxes. It's not perfect for regular use cause the drawers simply lie on top of each other and it's hard to slide them out. But it works as a storage cabinet to keep things you rarely use. I'm quite proud of myself and I'm gonna continue with my art of recycling! Hope to come up with some new design!

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