Friday, 28 September 2012

Figs & Rouge Balm review

I'm not a lip balm girl. Dry lips are not my issue, lip scrub and moisturising lipsticks and glosses do the trick for me. I've only bought 2 lip balms in my grown up life (the tinted one by ELF and one by Carmex), both times out of curiosity rather than because I needed them.
So when my September Glossybox arrived and I saw a lip balm there I can't say I was thrilled about it but the beautiful packaging immediately caught my attention.
This balm comes in an adorable vintage-style metal pot which reminds me of wild strawberry cream my grandmother used to keet in her drawer since the the days of her youth.
Inside the pot you'll find strangely looking substance. Unlike all typical lip balms it's kind of grainy or bumpy. For a moment I even thought it might have some exfoliating properties. Upon the contact with the warmth of the skin all these beads melt to an ultra smooth balm.
What you instantly notice is its minty smell which made me expect the worst cause many volatile substances like mint oil or camphor make me cough but nothing like that happened. This balm is actually such a pleasure to use!
The product is not classified specifically as a lip balm, it could be used on any rough areas of your body which need extra care (eg. elbows). Although a little goes a long way, I believe the pot is really too tiny to make us seriously treat this product as a body balm.
What impressed me greatly is the fact that this is the first organic product I've seen consisting purely of natural ingredients. The list of ingredients consists of few items (this is rarely seen in cosmetic industry) and all of them are plant oils etc. No chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial flavouring.

Excellent product. Even a person like me, who doesn't need this product, will use ut up with pleasure.  

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