Sunday, 2 October 2011

The holiday is over

This was the weirdest summer I remember, followed by equally weird September. During July and August the temperature levelled off at 22degrees, both day and night. Thick grey clouds prevented the sun from warming the air during the day and we dwelled in this unusual darkness for 2 months. Dead calm, no wind to blow away the clouds. Spells of good weather never exceeded one-day's length. The water in the lakes and in the sea remained cold. Oh how I longed for the sun...
We basically stayed at home, all our holiday plans ruined by the weather and Adam's sickness.

The most beautiful Indian summer kind of sun showed its face at the last weekend of August and stayed until today. September was the hottest September I can remember. The sight of people wearing sandals, t-shirts and shorts, so unusual at this time of the year, didn't surprise anyone today, with the temperature reaching 25 degrees. The day was so beautiful I find it hard to believe that real autumn will eventually come one day very soon. Even harder to believe I'm about to start work the coming week.

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