Thursday, 15 March 2012

Korean goodies: Skinfood sample sets Gold Kiwi and Gold Kaviar emulsion+ toner

This review is based on 2 sample sets which I received together with one of my purchases. What needs to be said is that Korean skincare routine is extremely complex and involves application of numerous products on your face, I must say I can't imagine doing that for 2 reasons. First of all it's too time-consuming for being my pre-make-up stage at 6 am. Secondly putting on toner, emulsion, serum, essence and cream would make my skin horribly sticky and oily. Moreover products like toners or emulsions, which you'd normally expect to be lightweight, tend to be thick and sticky.  

Gold Kiwi is a range is intended for sun-damaged skin. Totally inapproproate for me. Nonetheless I gave it a go and I suppose that I would actually take it with me if  I were going on holiday to Egypt. The toner is a kind of thick substance, not the watery thing you'd normally expect and the emulsion is also quite thick, very hard to get out of the little bottle. Both have highly moisturising properties which might bring relief to sun-burned skin. I can't imagine, however, using all the recommended products in the range at the same time, this duo would definitely suffice. 

Gold Caviar is a range which is meant to combat wrinkles with the help of Russian caviar extract and gold particles. This is definitely intended for dry skin, I  was able to use it only before going to sleep otherwise it would ruin my make-up. 
The toner is a very thick gel-like substance with gold particles in it. It was very hard to get it out of the bottle and it left my face very sticky. The same can be said about the emulsion. I believe this line of skincare may bring relief to very dry skin cause it has strongly moisturising properties. I might consider using the emulsion as  night treatment but using the toner is definitely out of the question.

I've also sampled the eye serum in the Gold Caviar range and this is a completely different story, I'm going to purchase a full-size bottle soon and then I'll write a full review.

Disclaimer: based on free samples

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