Monday, 30 April 2012

Circle lenses: GEO Trearful Gray

I'm a subscriber of Wayne, the gossmakeupartist channel on youtube and a couple of weeks ago he planted the idea of wearing circle lenses to enlarge and define my eyes into my mind.
I'd heard of them before, I'd come across them when browsing blogs about Korean cosmetics but the idea of wearing them had never crossed my mind. I was so impressed with the impact these lenses had on Wayne's eyes that I decided to risk them.
Geo Tearful Gray

I ordered my first pair from Malaysia, they arrived within a week. I don't know how it works but my Asian mail arrives much sooner than domestic letters. When I opened the envelope I was stunned to see a lovely handwritten personalised  thank you note, animal lens case and, obviously, the lens packed tightly in a cute gift box. They've made me their most faithful customer with this simple marketing trick which unfortunately many relailers forget about. Personal touch counts more than freebies and samples, though I love receiving samples, of course.
 the thank you note and the gift box 

As for the lenses I can't stop raving about them. These lenses are clear in the middle with a rim in dark gray, towards black and a couple of light gray stripes which are supposed to look like tears in the eyes. What I love about these lenses is that they enlarge and define my eyes greatly and naturally without any change of colour. The 'tearful' effect is hardly noticeable, I would say I don't notice it at all, perhaps its visible on darker-coloured eyes while on mine the gray stripes blend into my natural eye colour and and disappear. I don't mind cause this teraful look wasn't exactly what I was looking for.

What is more I absolutely love the comfort of wearing these lenses. I've been a lens wearer for over 10 years and I must say lenses that are so soft, yet tear resistant, shapely, non-drying, easy to apply are a rare find. I absolutely love them. 

Although the producer claims these can be used for a year, I don't think it's wise to keep them for so long. But for sure I'm gonna repurchase these every time I use up a pair. These are a MUST HAVE for me. Nonetheless, I wouldn't be me if  I didn't give coloured lenses a try, in fact a pair of blue lenses in on its way to me now. I feel my adventure with circle lenses has just began!

animal lens case

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