Saturday, 28 April 2012

Cooking:mackerel paste sandwich

One of my major interests is cooking, though I rarely post anything about cooking, the simple reason being that I hardly ever manage to take any pics before we eat everything up.

The reason why I'm so excited about a simple thing like my mackerel paste is that I'm on a diet which involves eating substantial amounts of fish and unfortunately I'm not a fish lover so I need to devise different methods to force myself to consume any.
This mackerel paste is delicious and easy to make. The ingredients are as follows:
1 smoked mackerel, bones removed
2 tsp tomato paste
2 small pickled cucumbers, roughly diced
half small onion
freshly ground pepper

 Just pop all ingredients into a blender and blend well. Serve on toast or a slice of wholemeal bread (if dieting) with fresh cucumber.

This is just the beginning. I'm gonna carry on devising methods of making fish more edible and less smelly. Fish burgers are coming up next!

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