Friday, 6 April 2012

Korean goodies: Skin 79 BB creams ("Hot Pink" and "Hot Orange" Super Beblesh Balm, Scandal Rose & Vanilla)


hot pink
The first one I've tried was the most popular one called "Hot Pink". It's normally sold in a pink tubular container but I got the smallest one available. The tube seems quite big, but actually there's little product inside, it semed to me that the tube was half-empty.
hot pink
As for the BB cream itself, to me Hot Pink is very close to a tinted moisturiser. It's lightweight formula is easy to apply with your fingers and it offers sheer coverage which evens out the skin tone nicely. It's got SPF 25 and whitening and anti-wrinkle properties. It's nicely moisturising without being greasy.
hot pink
There's only one shade, which is beige with slightly greyish cast, but as with all BB creams I've used so far it magically adjusts to the wearers' complexions. It looked great on my NW20 complexion and equally good on my mum's NC 25-30. Actually my mum, who doesn't like typical foundations, snatched it and refused to give it back.
hot pink


hot orange

I ordered the orange one for my mum and before passing it on to her I decided to try it out.
The packaging is quite cute, bright orange bottle with gold pump and holographic letters. The pump gives out a large drop, which actually is too much cause you need only a little. The consistency is just right, neither too watery nor too thick. It distributes nicely and evenly without using any other tools but your fingers and doesn't tend to settle in the pores. Evens out the skin tone perfectly without being too heavy or too obvious. Although I would describe the coverage as low to medium I must say that it changes the appearance of my skin very positively. Although it is recommended for oily/combination skin types the finish is far from being matte but it's not sticky and oily either. Glowy, is the word I guess.  
hot orange
The weird thing is that while other reviewers claimed this BBcream had yellow undertone, on my skin, contrary to what the pictures show, it turns very definitely pinkish beige. Perhaps thanks to some self-adjusting properties this cream looks different on different skintones?
hot orange

I suppose I'll get my own bottle and use it in the summer then I take my kids to the beach. This glow will look very natural in the sun, and I won't look too made-up but at the same time the cream will give me maximum sun protection as it's SPF 50.


Scandal Rose is much more of a foundation than tinted moisturiser. It offers much heavier coverage but it's more visible on your face. Many foundations tend to settle in my pores these days and Scandal Rose & Vanilla is no exception. Definitely requires more attention than the Hot Pink.

The packaging is quite nice, although I'm not a fan of this pinkness. The bottle is equipped with a pump which distributes too much product, and the button of which is a bit shaky.

The shade of this foundation is more of neutral beige, which I like cause it tones down my redness without making me look yellow.

What I like about this foundation is that it boasts high sun protective properties with SPF 50 (will definitely use it in summer) and when used over some matifying cream it can look fairly matte (looks dewy when applied with a wet brush or sponge). 

This foundation looks best without setting powder cause it sort of attracts too much powder which sticks to my face giving the impression of too much make-up and looks very cakey. I wouldn't also recommend it to women who don't like to feel they're wearing something on their faces cause you do feel that your foundation is there.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion. 


  1. The scandal rose looks thick. I want to try it but the high SPF might cause breakouts. @___@

    1. You're right,it is quite thick. It never broke me out but I suppose it could. With temperatures so low here I haven't worn it in hot weather yet so I have no idea how it works.