Sunday, 22 April 2012

Korean goodies: Skinfood Black Sugar Mask

I've received a couple of complimentary samples of this mask from my favourite e-bay seller, tried it out and now I'm able to write a review.

First of all I wouldn't say this product is a mask. This is an exfoliating scrub containing grains of sugar which you massage all over your face and rinse. This is what the packaging says. Some sources, though, advise to mix it with water or toner for a more gentle peel and leave for 10-15min. I've tried it both ways.

So what are my impressions?
I quite enjoyed the sweet smell, I like my cosmetics to smell nice, this is part of my pleasure of using them. But unfortunately the sugar grains are too large and above all too coarse. This scrub treats my skin in a very harsh way substituting the fun of using the stuff with fear that it might actually cause irritations or simply scratch my skin. I suppose the sugar was meant to dissolve while being massaged into the skin but it doesn't do so.

But to my surprise, after this somewhat traumatic beauty treatment my skin is clean, soft and noticeably smooth with no traces of irritations or allergic reactions. One of the most successful scrubs I've ever used.

So am I going to purchase the full-sized version? I'm not sure. It does the job well, there's no question about that, but I love to indulge in my beuty rituals and Black Sugar Mask doesn't guarantee this pleasure to me.

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