Monday, 2 April 2012

Adam's two!

It's hard to believe that Adam's already two! Time flies not only when you're having fun, unfortunately. He didn't enjoy any of the presents he got as much as the candles on his birthday cake. He kept blowing the candles for two hours and threw a tantrum when, afraid that he might burn his hair or his gorgeous lashes, we finally  removed the candles from the cake. The grandmas pitied him so much that the candles were returned to the cake and the fun could go on. And our parental authority was lost within a matter of seconds.

Mikolaj enjoyed his brother's birthday thoroughly. He was given presents which were only a bit smaller than Adam's and for the first time in his life he liked my cake. In his excitement he was running wild around the flat inventing the most nonsensical games for himself while Adam was busy blowing candles. Crazy day it really was.

And there was a blizzard as well...


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