Friday, 13 April 2012


I must say that this Easter we managed to unwind. Kuba took time off since Thursday which gave us the opportunity to complete all our chores on time, sleep longer, enjoy each other's presence, drink hectolitres of beer, praise the sun and ignore the snow, watch Mad Men like mad, and do millions of things we don't normally do. 

On Saturday afternoon we took our kids for a lazy stroll in the city centre. We hardly ever go there so it was really nice to see the new establishments that have been built since we last went there. 

The sun in the pictures is very mislesading, it was barely a couple degrees above zero and nasty wind forced us to take shelter in a lovely cafe called Pikawa. The boys loved the place, especially a large fish tank and a poster of steam engine on the wall. The latte was delicious there and the kids loved their apple pies. 


Most people were busy preparing their Easters so the city was exceptionally quiet, deserted even, which we liked. Soon the tourist season will open and it'll become unbearable so we have to enjoy this serene atmosphere while we may.

We had Easter breakfast, as usual, at my in-laws place. It was very nice and festive but Kuba says that in the pictures we look as if it were some kind of funeral party so I'm not posting any of us at the Easter table. The sad thing about having breakfast with a family which celebrates different traditions than yours is that you swap what you used to enjoy most about Easter breakfast ("egg fight" in my family) for something you've never heard about (sharing Easter egg and being forcefed by the great grandma). Nevermind. Once we've built the house I'll start organizing family events MY WAY and everything's gonna be back to normal.
Zurek - traditional Polish soup served in round bread
my lamb debut

In a way we've already started. We made a stand and refused to stay all day at my in-laws place and returned home after breakfast. I cooked delicious lamb with potatoes, which may not seem a particularly festive treat but considering the fact that lamb in Poland is hard to get and damn expensive it was very special for us. However, preparing a festive meal with two little boys and a much older one is a mistake. Too much excitement, nerves, broken dishes, spilt drinks. The flat looked like it's never been cleaned.
Mikolaj enjoyed his festive outfit so much that  he refused to take it off untill the end of the day
Adam fed himself on Easter eggs  and  nothing else

And at night Marta dropped in for a quick beer, Adam accompanied us almost all the time and finally sank his Mini Cooper in Kuba's beer, thus creating a new way of serving this beverage in our household.

My Mum invited all of us to have Monday dinner with them in Rotmanka so we spent a veeeery long day there. Lovely but tiring. The kids ran berserk in the garden, Adam refused to sleep all day and drifted off as soon as Kuba started the engine. Then, at night,  he gave us hell when we tried to put him to sleep in his bed. All in all  this was a very nice holiday. I desperately needed this time off. Now all I need is a diet! 

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