Sunday, 25 May 2014

a garden of forking paths

The past week was sheer madness. Emotional ups and downs, combined with heavy work overload drove me to the edge of insanity. 

At first Adam went down with some sort of virus and kept vomiting whenever he ate or drank anything. This meant the entire night spent changing bedclothes, Adam's pyjamas and washing the floor. Kuba stayed with him as there was no other option. On Tuesday he had to be driven to my mum who'd just had the dog operated and neither my mum nor the dog were taking it well. Weak as he was, Adam spent the entire day lying in bed in front of TV while mum was nursing the half-conscious dog, who actually kept vomiting too.

  Wednesday was the first day of really hot weather and also Mikolaj's birthday. We hadn't even had the time to buy him a present. Were planning to take him out on a little spree, but instead of that we had to have a terrible row with the contractor who had been delaying the completion of works on our house for about a year and now I'm red hot furious about it as Mikolaj is supposed to start school in the new place in September and with current state of affairs I can't see that happening.

My friend called me to say that her husband, who is about 55 years old, was cheating on her with his ex-wife, aged sixty something, who could be my friend's mother. The story is developing and I'm being regularly updated. There's a silver lining to it all, however, as it suddenly made me realise that even when I'm even older and uglier than I am now, there might be someone who'd find me attractive.

Mr Hubby's cousin gave birth to her first baby past the age of 40 which made me believe in miracles. I want a baby too. Perhaps a little girl this time?

 To end the day we went to McDonalds to get the kids Oreo ice creams but we all realised we were starving as we hadn't had anything to eat so we ended up devouring burgers. And me feeling guilty about my diet going astray.

On Thursday my best friend's mum commited suicide. She couldn't bear her life any longer. She chose a path that doesn't fork out any more. Such an unexplainable waste.

The fact that I'm darn busy at work and spent the entire weekend there hardly deserves a mention, compared with other events of the week this is nothing. But makes me dead tired. 

Overslept to work today and broke my heel on the way there. A silly thing but it seems it was the last straw. When I arrived my hands were shaking and I couldn't express myself clearly. Had to apologise and explain myself.

Tomorrow's the funeral. 


  1. OMG! What a week you've had and you still manage to post reviews. You are amazing! I love your reviews. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your good words, I don't think you realise how much they mean for me, especially these days.
      As for the posts, I don't have the power to write them, I'm just pulling them out of my thinning stash.