Sunday, 11 May 2014

we fall back into fields of rape

May holiday started with a spell of nice sunny weather which induced us to go to Wirty botanical garden for the first time this year. Rape was in full bloom and smelled overpowering which made me wonder why this scent is never used in perfumes or toiletries. Probably because of the name.

Halfway through the day a wave of chill air destroyed our picnic sending us shivering back to the car where we noticed that it was barely 7 degrees Celsius. Before that, however, we'd managed to walk among blossoming trees, fresh green lawns, through the bogey forest and down to the lake.

The remaining days of holiday we spent Geocaching in Gdynia forests which I'd never been to before and which enchanted me with their beauty. I'd forgotten to charge my camera battery, so it died soon after our trip began and that's why there are hardly any photos except the one below with Kuba trying to locate another cache with our phones suddenly out of range in spite of being within the city limits.


  1. so beautiful! I used to play in rape fields when i was a kid :)

    1. Lucky you! Everything's so lovely with spring freshness but why is it so cold?