Friday, 2 May 2014

The Body Shop Honeymania Body Butter review

I got this travel-size he Body Shop Honeymania Body Butter in one of my Glossyboxes ages ago, but it had to queue to be used as I don't tend to open a couple of body and face products at the same time.

The first thing I noticed about this product is obviously the scent. Apart from the sweet honey notes I can sense strong similarity with a line of TBS products called Ananya that was discontinued ages ago, but makes me feel sentimental about good old days. The combination is phenomenal and I'm thinking of getting more products from the range.  

This said, I need to mention that I'd like to try other products, but I'm not planning to repurchase the Body Butter. The thing is that the consistency of the product is incredibly thick and while it does go on very smoothly and absorbs more quickly than I'd expect, it's impossible to use very little of the product. Each time I reach for it I scoop a ton of the butter and go over sections of my body as the substance is so thick. In about a week I've used up more than a half of this tub, while normally 50ml of product would last me for over a month. I very much prefer body lotions with a dispenser, like the ones by Soap & Glory as they are so easy to use. I don't have dry skin and I mostly reach for body butters or lotions just to pamper myself, but I do realise that for someone with dry skin this body butter could be a life saver.  

I really like how this butter smells and all in all what it  makes my skin look and feel like, but it's super thick consistency makes it hard to apply and inefficient. As I've said, i'm planning to explore the line further, but I'll give the Body Butter a miss.   


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