Monday, 5 May 2014

The Body Shop Blueberry Shower Gel review

When I first saw the advertising of The Body shop Blueberry Shower Gel and heard that it was made using an extract or oil made of 500 blueberries I thought 'duh, what a gimmick!' . 500 berries wouldn't fill the bottle and oil extract would make less than 5%. What's more, although I absolutely adore blueberries in any form, I can't seem to tolerate artificial or condensed scents based on them. So, when I found this shower gel in my Glossybox I was torn between my love for the brand and the happiness at getting anything by the brand and my lack of interest in this particular product. Unnecessarily, cause the shower gel is amazing. 

First of all, I immediately noticed how smoother and moer moisturised my skin is after using this product. This hardly ever happens in case of shower gels and I tend to rely on body butters or lotions to do the job. In this case the shower gel alone does the job!

Secondly, this gel doesn't have the typical synthetic blueberry scent I strongly dislike. It's not very strong and feels rather refreshing, though it doesn't linger on for a very long time.

And finally, I've been using it to wash my sons who suffer from serious skin allergies and their skin looks way better than when I used non-sensitizing body washes for newborns. This last thing ultimately convinced me about the high quality of this product. From now on, I'll be getting The Body Shop shower gels not only to pamper myself, but also to protect my sons from allergies.  

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