Monday, 26 May 2014

Maybelline Falsies Feather-Look mascara review

Ii's general knowledge that before you find your favourite drugstore mascara you'll spend more money than you would if you bought one high-end one and I've recently experienced that in my own life.

At some point, dissatisfied with some of my highly branded purchases, I resolved to save my pennies and find something equally good or perhaps better. And the first attempt turned out to be a miss.

When searching for my new mascara Maybelline seemed the obvious choice. I'd used the Collosal mascara fanatically during my early make-up days so I have very fond memories connected with the brand. I love the Rocket Volum' one dearly. I also remembered that Tanya Burr would always swear by Maybelline Falsies, so I resolved to pick that one.   

The first problem arose when I found myself gaping at the Maybelline display where I could see at least four or five mascaras called Falsies. They had different applicators, curved and straight, flat and round, wider and smaller and I couldn't really figure out which one specifically Tanya Burr uses. In the end I picked the most standard one as I didn't recall her using anything fancy.

I ended up getting The Falsies Feather-Look one. I'd focussed all my attention on the brush shape but I didn't notice the info on the packaging which stated clearly that this was a 'flexor-brush'. And here lies the trouble. I don't like the brush. Of course, it does not bend as much as demonstrated in the picture below, but you can feel how it gives in upon the contact with the lashes. I don't quite understand why anyone would like this. I do admit that the brush feels gentler, but coating my lashes requires so much effort. The spoolie is on rather big side and it's triangular shape makes it quite difficult to manouvre when reaching the bottom lashes. The combination of the brush and the wet formula of the mascara means that one coat of mascara is barely visible at all. It takes time to build it up with countless coats and as a result you'll get decently volumised, lengthened, non-stiff, feathery but slightly spidery as well.

This is not a terribly bad mascara. It's cheap, especially if you get it on offer, it's easy to remove, doesn't smudge much and I do use it as my go to mascara. But I can assure there are way better offerings from the drugstire than this one, so I surely won't repurchase.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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