Sunday, 4 May 2014

Orofluido hair oil review

I got this hair oil in one of my Glossyboxes, I've been using it on and off for quite a while now and I can now say that this is a lovely hair oil to be used on ends of very dry hair. 
This oil is relatively thick and is nowhere near lightweight, dry oils that can be used on all hair types.
I have short, normal hair and I noticed that this oil substantially weighs my hair down and since my tips are so close to the roots, I cannot use it on ends only and that's why it doesn't work for me.
However, this oil would have been a godsend for my hair when I bleached it. 
So, if you have very dry hair, go ahead and get this oil. It smells lovely, kind of brown sugar like, and makes my hair feeling soft and looking shiny. But if you have fine hair, even slightly on the oily side, you might pass on it.    

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