Saturday, 25 July 2015

Dior Addict Fluid Stick in #338 Mirage review

I bought this Dior Addict Fluid Stick in #338 Mirage after a tremendous success of #754 Pandore on my lips. I was looking for something nude and this seemed to be a perfect choice. However, I found the shade highly disappointing and unflattering for my cool-toned complexion.

This turned out to be a pale peach instead of a beige nude. While this shade may look good on some, it washes me out terribly and doesn't suit my skin tone at all.
There's nothing wrong with its consistency or application, it goes on smoothly and is nicely opaque on my lips. Being a light shade, this doesn't last as long on my lips as Pandore does, nor does it stain my lips. It's a lovely product, but just not my shade.

However, you might be wondering why I decided to review this Fluid Stick all of a sudden. The thing is that I managed to make it work for me! Over the past couple of months I have acquired  a large number of lip liners, which I now use religiously. Some of them are too dark brown to wear on their own or with a matching lipstick, but topped up with Mirage they achieve the right shade. Mirage goes deeper, less peachy, more rosy brown, just how I like my nude lips to be.

I've been using this lipstick/lipgloss hybrid regularly this season and I adore it. 
Thanks to this product I also learned an important lesson: don't dump something if it doesn't work for you. Experiment and make an effort and you will be rewarded.

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