Saturday, 11 July 2015

Korean goodies: Haruen Dorothy Haruen-S volcanic rock rollerball review

If there was one reason why Memeboxes are (for me were) worth subscribing, it would be the fun factor by which I mean delivering to your doorstep items that you didn't know they existed, never thought you needed them and still don't know what to think about them after you've tried them. 

One of such products is this something, bearing a semi-English name Haruen Dorothy Haruen-S.

Without the info card I would have no idea what to do with something that came packaged like a Waterman pen and looked like some kind of liquid-free rollerball deodorant.

This turns out to be an alternative for blotting paper.  
The balls are made of volcanic rock and as you roll them on your face they absorb oil, leaving the face matte. This can be also used as a tool for face massage, the instructions on how to perform it are given in the info card. 

For someone like me, i.e. an oily skin owner, everything that promises to keep oilies at bay stirs an instant interest.  
I've been using it on and off for some time now and I'm still not sure what to think about it.
The good thing is that this product looks high-end and intriguing. It's double-ended so it'll last longer and also when one ball gets dirty and you don't have the opportunity ti wash it, you can always use the other end.
This volcanic ball does absorb sebum and make my skin matte in a similar way that blotting papers do, but obviously this does not do anything to control oil production, so the blotting needs to be repeated every now and then.
This product does not lift my make-up and serves as a good refreshment during the day. 

Thr downside is that the packaging is bulky and takes way more space in a make-up bag than blotting papers. Also the roller balls don't go as smoothly as expected. They get stuck from time to time and don't glide on effortlessly. As a result blotting requires more effort than just pressing a tissue onto your face. And finally, the results are only temporary.

Although this is fun to have and use, I'm not going to look for Haruen-S on e-bay. I'll stick to my good old blotting papers instead. 

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