Saturday, 4 July 2015

Korean goodies: Anti Trouble Spot Soothing cream review

I got this Yadah Anti Trouble Spot Soothing cream in one of my Memeboxes and I'm a bit confused as to what this cream targets and what it does. 
Guessing by the name, and also according to the info card description, this is an anti-blemish product which treats spots, but according to the product description on the packaging the main function is to control troubled skin and tighten pores. We're meant to apply this on 'weak and damaged skin', whatever that means.
The cream contains a number of natural ingredients (see the list below) and is free from all the baddies like parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, animal ingredients etc. 

This is a fairly thick cream which feels a bit like a primer which made me distrust it as a blemish cream. To my surprise, this works really well on those horrible, painful bumps that gather under the skin and never go to the surface. I noticed that this cream soothes them and makes them disappear faster than without. As for tightening the pores, I didn't notice any, but then, perhaps I don't use this regularly enough.

So, although I didn't expect much of this cream, I actually quite like it. It's not indispensable in my life, but it's a pleasure to use and the soothing results are really visible.


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  2. Hi. Your review is very helpful but may I know if it should be applied as the last step in daily skincare routine? Thanks in advance :)

    1. I applied it over a moisturiser etc. but there's no clear instruction how to use this