Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Marc Jacobs Mod Noir Perfume review

There's no denying that what caught my interest in Marc Jacobs Mod Noir perfume was the packaging.  Made exclusively for Sephora, the bottle is a clear allusion to the brand's logo. 
It's highly appealing in its simplicity and a game of contrasts: black versus white, matte versus glossy, a ball versus stripes.
Also the box the perfume comes in is beautiful, and the bottle doesn't stand there, but half lies there, like an expensive watch in its case.  

But of course I wouldn't have bought the perfume without testing it first. 
The arrival of Mod Noir coincided with my annual summer search for something which usually ends up in a fiasco as perfume designers tend to misunderstand my desires completely. They either create scents that are sickeningly sweet or too zesty or make such bizarre concoctions that are no longer floral or release dupes of scents that were popular years back, probably hoping that no one remembers the original versions.

Mod Noir is different. It's a white floral, mainly gardenia scent, which opens fresh, even green and as the time goes by it reveals some musky base notes. It's fresh and floral and feminine and very powerful at the same time. It's lasting time is very decent, it lingers on my clothes till the next day and on my body for at least 5-6 hours.
If there's something it reminds me of , it would be L'eau d'Issey by Issey Miyake, though it's less complex in its nature and agrees with my skin better.    


  1. Wow, so so beautiful!!
    I didn't even know this existed, Sephora exclusive I see. Gardenia in a sort of fresh, green way sounds great.

    1. Yeah, it's worth having at least for the bottle's sake. But luckily it smells soo good too!