Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Made in Poland: Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel in # 96, #98, #99 review and swatches

Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel is such a horrible misnomer. This is supposed to be a gel eyeliner, but, although with some effort it can be used as such, everything about this product tells me that it should be marketed as a cream eyeshadow. It's soft, extremely blendable, doesn't crease or move once it sets and the jar's opening is wide enough to fit a finger or any kind of brush.

My eyes recently fell on some recent additions to the range, which actually were part of the Fall in Love autumn 2014 collection, but I discovered them now.
I brought home with me 3 gorgeous shades that are just adorable.

#96 is a gorgeous taupe shade and it's the best shade qualitywise. It's the most opaque one and goes most smoothly and patchlessly.
#98 is the most unique shade of the bunch. It's a turquoise blue-gray shade with shimmer. It's less opaque than the other two, but it can be built up without effort. However, I've noticed that on my oily lids, if you apply another layer before the base one sets, you may shift the base and bald patches appear.
#99 is a purple-undertoned blue, quite similar to Maybelline Color Tattoo in Electric Blue, but with a much more manageable formula. I've noticed the same slight patchiness as in shade #98, what I mean is clearly visible in the swatch.

All three of them just melt under my finger, I find it so easy to blend them with a brush or finger. They may be sheered out or built up as you please. 
However, I would strongly discourage you from buying these as eyeliners. Perhaps next year, when they turn dry, but for the time being they're so soft that the line they make is sheer and feeble, the brush doesn't have any control over the application. With a lot of time and effort you will finally achieve a decent line, building it up by drawing one on top of another, but I can't be bothered if there are other products that work instantly.

My final word is that these three buggers are awesome. I'm going to get one new cream eyeshadow by Charlotte Tilbury, just to see what the hype is about, but honestly I don't expect it to be any better than Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gels. 

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