Friday, 24 July 2015

Korean goodies: IOPE Air Cushion XP #N21 review & swatches

Cushion foundations have invaded the cosmetic market. Invented in Korea, they have been recognized by Western manufacturers and customers with many brands like Lancome or Kiko following suit and releasing their take on this kind of product.

I've had my IOPE Air Cushion XP for a year now, but only now I feel ready to write a proper review. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this kind of product, let me explain that cushion foundations or BB or CC creams look like compact foundations, but instead of a pressed powder, under a stopper and a seal we find a sponge which is soaked with a very runny foundation type of product. What you need to do is press the air cushion puff onto the foundation-dipped sponge and then pat the product onto your face. This can be used as foundation or over make-up for touch-ups.

IOPE Air Cushion XP is a mineral water-based foundation, packed with vitamin B5, E and P and claims to moisturise and cool reddened skin. It has SPF 50 and is recommended for quick in-between fix ups. According to the Memebox info card this retails for $48, which is pretty much, but it comes with its own refill.

It took me so long to review this foundation because only now I have found some use for it. The thing is, this foundation is not for me.
Although I really like the concept and design, the elegant white compact, the classy feel of the product, the innovative idea, the soft scent, the lightweight feel, the natural look, I just can't use this as it's way too glowy for my skin. This is a perfect foundation for really dry skin types and the most luminous and moisturising foundation in my possession which doesn't go well with my oily skin from the very first moment.

As far as practicality of such product goes, I think it's much better for touch-ups than as an overall product as it takes a good while to pat it all over the face. Also, when the product was new the product overflowed when pressed and flooded the sponge and messed my fingers.
I tried to apply this product with the puff included and a buffing brush and strangely enough the brush didn't work at all. The puff offered an even medium coverage, while with the brush the coverage was close to none and the foundation looked streaky and migrated towards the pores. 
I used this foundation over a moisturiser and on my bare face and each time it refused to set. It left the wet, sticky finish that I don't like at all. It offered the kind of glow which in my case translates as oilslick.
Shade N21 is a fair beige which is too pale for me in summer, but will do in winter.

It seems to me that this is a perfect product for touch-ups for skin types that feel drier and drier throughout the day. I'm sure this is a way better solution than adding powder.

I just couldn't allow wasting such a lovely product, just because it was unsuitable for my skin type, so I started experimenting with it and using this as my undereye concealer. I don't have particularly dark circles, but my undereye area is prone to wrinkles related both to age and dryness, so anything that will tone the redness and add moisture is well appreciated. What's more it offers sun protection, which is rare in undereye products.   

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