Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Kiko Miami Beach collection: Power Pop mascara in Electric Blue and Click Slick eyeliners in Vivacious Blue and Delicious Brown review & swatches

I haven't reviewed anything from Kiko yet, though I've got a couple of things by the brand in my possession. I've recently bought a couple of items from the Miami Beach Babe collection, and I thought I'd voice my opinion about these goodies while they're still available in shops and online.

From the collection I picked 2 brush eyeliners and a mascara. All three products come in transparent plastic boxes and super bright mint green and turquoise tubes. The packaging isn't terribly classy, but it's fun and screams summer to me.

The Power Pop mascara comes in 4 shades, out of which I picked #02 Electric Blue. The mascara claims to volumise and curl the lashes. The rubber brush is supposed to pick a lot of product and guarantee spectacular, theatrical volume. 

I must admit that the wand shape is unlike anything else I've got. It's got a curved conical shape, which makes it possible to reach all lashes easily. It does pick up a ton of product, but unfortunately the bristles are sparse and it takes time and a couple of layers to coat all lashes and build up the volume.
The formula is really nice. It's clump-free, doesn't crumble or smudge, yet it's easy to remove with any kind of cleanser.
I've got a large collection of electric blue mascaras and this one is one of the less electric ones. There's this pastel white undertone to it, which makes this mascara less dramatic.
This isn't my favourite coloured mascara, but it's very decent. 

The main reason why I picked 2 Click Slick Eyeliners is that brush eyeliners are my absolute favourite type of eyeliner. These two, however, are the worst two I've had so far. They aren't terrible and they're fully manageable, but they're far from what I like about these liners.

I picked two shades: #05 Vivacious Blue, to match my mascara, and #02 Delicious Brown. 
These eyeliners look like typical felt-tip eyeliners, but instead of the felt tip, there's a small brush. The click mechanism at the opposite end of the pen releases the product, and here comes the problem. The runny formula floods the brush and you need to remove excess product on the back of your hand or a tissue before you apply the eyeliner, otherwise you'll ruin your make-up completely, you may also flood your eyes with something bright blue or brown if you get too close to the inner corner (trust me, this is not a nice experience).
The formula is runny, but when it dries, it feels quite uncomfortable on the lids. I can compare it to the sensarion of wearing eyelash glue on the lids.

The brown liner is much better quality than the blue one. It's way more opaque, while the blue one is semi-sheer and may go on patchily. Vivacious Blue definitely requires building up, while Delicious Brown looks great in one stroke. 

Vivacious Blue is a matte bright cobalt blue. In real life it looks darker and more cobalt than in the swatch below.

Delicious Brown is a shimmery, cool-toned taupe brown. 

They aren't waterproof, but they don't get dissolved easily. They last all day without smudging and are easy to remove with any kind of cleanser. 

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