Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Urban Decay Primer Potions in Eden and Anti-aging review

When Urban Decay launched at Sephora Poland I picked up two of their iconic products I wasn't entirely new to, but wanted to try out two new variations:  Sin and Anti-Aging. 

I've tried Sin before in a sample form and I quite liked it. This primer is beige tinted and I find it opaque enough to cover the discolouration and veins on my lids without making them look cakey and heavy. 
It works perfectly on my hooded, oily lids. When I wear this primer I experience no eyeshadow creasing or fading for 12 hours of wear time.
However, this product isn't perfect because of its packaging. The product separates in the tube and forms kind of granules, which require careful blending and a leak of some oily substance. I hear they've just launched a new version of their Primer Potions which combine tubes and wands, which might finally be the right solution. I think that in the process of unscrewing the cap the wand will mix the product and guarantee smooth application.

The anti-ageing primer, however, doesn't pose such problems. This is one of the best eyeshadow primers I've used. It does smooth my lid surface indeed, while priming it, enhancing the colour of my eyeshadow and preventing my oilies from creasing my eyeshadows. 
This goes on incredibly well, doesn't separate or crumble.
This is the eyeshadow primer I need in my life and will keep repurchasing every 2or 3 years as this is how long it takes to use a tube of this up with daily use.
This might be a high-end product, but considering the fact that a tiny bit goes a looong way, this is a worthy investment.

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