Monday, 22 June 2015

Korean goodies: Esthetic House Mayo Pack review

While I really love being offered make-up to try out, I like to choose my hair care myself. That is why hair products in subscription boxes have never been a source of excitement for me. 
Esthetic House Mayo Pack is a mayonnaise-inspired hair mask/conditioner that promises all the goodness of mayonnaise (apparently a hair home remedy I've never heard about) sans the scent.
It claims soft, elastic, moist, nourished, tangle free hair.

What I found out was that the product is indeed fragrance free.
Having read the description, I expected something extraordinary, but the conditioner didn't impress me at all. It didn't smooth out my hair, make it shiny or detangled.
It hardly did anyhting at all.
I'm keeping it for situations when my conditioner runs out sooner than my shampoo but there's nothing I hope for. 
There are way better conditioners in the drugstore than that!


  1. Hmh, 'mayo' doesn't exactly attract me either.. I actually heard about mayonnaise as a hair mask and tried it during my 'organic ingredients etc'-phase. My guess is that it was the protein that made my hair all coarse& tangly for > a week, it was terrible! ..A friend of mine loved it.
    Now I do gelatine or wheat protein enriched treatments every few weeks, but followed by a smoothing conditioner, and sans greasy mayo, egg, fruits or other items better suited for your stomach. Gelatine=hydrolized protein being the only exception.

    1. One man's meat is another man's poison, they say. I totally agree with you that a dose of common sense is necessary and not everything natural and organic works for us in its raw form.
      Could you be more specific about the gelatine-based products that you use? Any recommendations?

    2. Schauma conditioners from Schwarzkopf has hydrolized collagen in it a lot and I love those, but not sure if it's available to you.
      My reason for trying was that I once read on a curly hair blog that hydrolized collagen is apparently one of the best, few well suitable proteins to fill cuticle gaps.. or something, I don't recall exactly. science-yhairblog has a lot on it too.
      I tend to dissolve a little bit of gelatine in a dash of warm water, maybe stir in some regular conditioner, and leave it on the more damaged parts of my hair for like 1-2mins, and follow up with a smoothing conditioner. But this is a real hardcore protein treatment and products with hydrolized proteins are more convenient.. though I was surprised how well my hair could hold moisture after this protein overload.

    3. Thank you, I'll give Shauma a go and with the holidays approaching I'll have enough time to try out the gelatine mixtute on my hair!