Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Circle lens: Neo Dali Gray review

I wear contact lenses on a daily basis and trust me, there's nothing better than Korean circle lenses. My favourite brand is Geo, but I recently took advantage of a discount offer on Neo Dali Gray lenses and I'm equally satisfied with these.

Neo Dali lenses come, like most Korean lenses, in liquid-filled jars that are a bit hard to open safely.
Dali Grays are grey lenses, clear in the centre, then gradually darkening towards a charcoal grey, almost black limbal ring.
Even though they're only 14.2 in diameter they offer colour and definition and a slight enlargement. They're easy to put on and super comfortable to wear all day long.
They also blend well with my natural eye colour. 

And here's what they look like on me:

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