Friday, 12 June 2015

Garnier Ambre Solaire 1 Week Glow tinted self-tan cream for face in Medium review

I've had and used this Garnier Ambre Solaire 1 Week Glow No Streaks Bronzer for quite a while now, and I'm still not sure what to say. You can read all the claims yourselves and since I'm undecided about this product, I think I'll review it in terms of pros and cons.
But before I go on, let me just make some general observations about what this is like.
The product comes in a tube, it is tinted, but this tint doesn't show on the face, so I don't think it helps distribute the self-tanner evenly. Has a nice scent, which is consistent with the whole Ambre Solaire line.
The consistency and the finish resembles a moisturiser for normal to dry skin. Takes a while to absorb and geaves a glowing finish, that's why I prefer to use this at night time on my oily skin.   

  • blends well
  • looks natural and never goes yellow
  • I never noticed any streaks
  • doesn't smell like biscuit the day after
  • gives a subtle tan
  • does not stain my hands

  • the product doesn't live up to a number of claims:
  • doesn't last for a week
  • does not replace foundation
  • in spite of its light texture it feels kind of heavy
  • the tan it offers looks better in winter when we epect more subtle results

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