Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Korean goodies: Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask review

I like my feet. I like sandals. I love walking barefoot. I like my feet to look presentable, but I've never had my pedi done by a pro as I find it embarassing to ask someone to remove my calluses etc.
I've always spent a reasonable amount of time soaking, scrubbing and oiling my feet to prevent calluses from forming or to remove those which have already crept in.
I've been using a variety of successful methods that kept problems at bay, but nothing, trust me, nothing is as good as those Korean peeling socks I've recently switched to. 

I've tried a variety of these, all of them by Purederm, they worked slightly differently, but in each case the results were amazing, it was as if I got brand new baby feet!

The ones I'm going to review today are Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask, which as you can see, comes in a packaging that is made especially for Polish market as it is sold on regular basis in the Polish drugstore chain Hebe and it costs about $7-8. 

What you get inside the sachet is a pair of 'socks' that are made of plastic foil with some fabric soaked in liquid. You're supposed to wear these for 1-1.5 h, then remove, rinse your feet and that's it. During the wear time I didn't feel anything, no tingling or stinging, it felt as if I kept my feet in some alcohol because of the characteristic scent. After rinsing my feet looked as if nothing had happened. 

The results are to be seen 4-7 days after the application, in my case that was more than 7, as far as I can remember. My feet started shedding the skin like a snake. There were bits of dead skin everywhere, on the floor, in my bed, in my socks, in my shoes. During this process you are supposed to let your feet be and refrain from picking or peeling the skin. This took about a week and after that about 90% of my dead skin was gone. My feet looked so pretty and soft, I just couldn't stop looking at them and I must say that the results of this single treatment were truly long-lasting.

This product works wonders. I use it regularly and calluses have no chance to form.
This product has only one major disadvantage. You need to use this well in advance if you want pretty feet before an event, or, like me use this only before and after sandal season cause the sight of your skin peeling and flaking is far more disgusting than the calluses themselves and can scare even those who aren't faint at heart. 

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