Thursday, 18 June 2015

Korean goodies: Seatree Syn-ake Total Solution review

In case you haven't noticed, let me just say that I love Korean skincare. Becoming a Memebox subscriber meant introduction to a wide range of new ingredients, formulations and concepts.
I've never had a 'solution' before and I'm not sure if it's an equivalent of a serum or a moisturiser, having oily skin means I could use such a product as both, but most often I use this at night, under my moisturiser.

Seatree Syn-ake Total Solution comes in a beautiful milky glass bottle which happens to be right up my alley. It's equipped with a pump which makes using this product simple and hygenic.

The product is a bi-phase substance, so you need to shake the bottle before spraying. The two substances never blend well, however, and look a bit strange. The consistency is kind of slimey, but not unpleasant. It distributes nicely and absorbs well. There's no particular scent to this.

You can read above what this products claims to do. I'm really unsure if it does anything to tackle uneven skin tone or wrinkle problems, but one thing is certain it does make my skin softer and well hydrated without feeling heavy or tacky. On my oily skin this can serve as a super lightweight moisturiser and looks good under make-up even though it displays no mattifying properties.

When I was preparing to write this review I was surprised to see the price. This product feels as if it's way more expensive, for $19 for 100ml it makes an excellent choice for someone looking for a boost of moisture. 

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