Sunday, 21 June 2015

COVER FX Custom Cover Drops in #N25 review & swatches

Being a make-up fanatic, I couldn't have overlooked the appearance of a new, innovative product on the market, which is the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops.

Basically this is a highly pigmented foundation which instead of being used on its own is to be mixed with anything you choose, to create a customized product. 
This comes in a small vial, equipped with a dropper, which resembles serum foundations that almost every high end brand has in their range these days.
You get only 15ml of product (while a standard foundation bottle contains 30ml), but according to the manufacturer's instructions you only need from 1 to 4 drops for sheer to total coverage. 

The shade variety is amazing, the shades are arranged according to 3 undertones: golden, neutral and pink and range from light to dark shades. The right shade, however, is very tricky to pick online, but I'll elaborate on that later.

So, as usual, let me start the proper review with what I like about this product.
I really enjoy the innovative concept. This product is a suit-all item. It may be mixed with a moisturiser or a foundation that is most appropriate for your skin types.You can also adjust the level of coverage, depending on your skin condition, time of the day or occassion. I basically bought this to mix with my sunscreen to create a high-protection tinted product for the summer and it does its job decently. But what I use this for most often is to create a super moisturising undereye concealer. It tones down the redness without drying the area under my eyes. I find it irreplaceable in those periods when I suffer form excessive dryness under my eyes.
I like the fact that I can use these drops to adjust the shade of my foundation to the current shade of my skin.  The shade I've got, N25, makes my foundations a shade lighter and I'm contemplating getting N35 to make my foundations darker.

Unfortunately I found come aspects of this product a bit disappointing. 
First of all, I found the right shade extremely difficult to choose, basing on online swatches and the manufacturer's descriptions only. My skin tone is fair and pink-toned, I'm NW20 in MAC, slightly darker in the summer, in other cases I usually go for the second lightest shade available. Before I picked my shade, I consulted a number of different websites, read blog reviews, compared swatches and finally went for N25, since I thought this would be most appropriate for the approaching summer. To my surprise N25 turned out to be one of the fairest and most pink-toned shades in my possession. Mixed with an eye cream, this is highly brightening, mixed with a sunscreen, which always tend to be white, this looks super pale. 
If you're neutral to yellow toned I suggest you go for golden undertones as neutral is very definitely pink.

Second, even though I don't need high coverage I ended up using 3-4 drops each time I mixed this with a face cream or a sunscreen as otherwise the coverage was close to none, so the product doesn't live up to its claims in this respect. 

Third, I see no point in using this with a foundation. I suggest getting a good quality foundation which gives you exactly what you need instead of buying a foundation an another pricey product to mix with it.  

What's more, mixed with face creams and sunscreens this didn't fulfil my expectations. Somehow this doesn't mix with some mediums well. What I noticed was that all the pigments were sitting in my pores, while the sunscreen was everywhere else. What's more the whole concoction didn't last on my skin, it broke down within 1-2 hours, even though I was using carefully selected skincare items. The situation was definitely better when I used this with a primer. 

And finally, the packaging is extremely messy. I've got at least 5 other foundations with droppers and I found none of them so messy. The product somehow gets all over the neck of the bottle, drips down the floor etc. and everywhere else. After a couple of uses the whole bottle was smeared with the product. 

All in all, I don't regret getting this product as I've found a couple of good uses for it, but it's not such a marvel as it seemed at first. I can definitely live without it. 

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