Friday, 5 June 2015

Chanel Vitalumiere Loose Powder Foundation in No 30 review & swatches

I've had this powder for almost a year now, been using it on and off throughout that time, but somehow couldn't get round to writing the review. Perhaps it's because I've got mixed feelings about Chanel Vitalumiere Loose Powder Foundation, or perhaps because I'm not using it the way I'm supposed to.

I'm not a fan of powder foundations as they don't seem to work on my skin. I haven't tried many, but they have managed to put me off buying a number of these quite successfully. However, the selling point of  Chanel Vitalumiere Loose Powder foundation is that even though it's a powder foundation, it leaves a luminous finish due to the content of light-reflective pigments, mica powder and camola oil derivatives. 

It also comes in a quite innovative packaging. The product comes in a tub and the lid contains a stopper which prevents excess of product from coming out. What you've got to do is turn the packaging upside down, and swirl the small kabuki brush including on the elastic mesh to pick the desired amount of product. Then you apply the foundation in small circles, like you would with a mineral foundation. 

So, lets start with the proper review.
And the things I like about this powder.
I like the No.30 shade, which is a good match for me in the summer and even in winter it doesn't stand out as unnatural. I feel it gives me a hint of bronze when I'm at my most pale.
I also like the fact that it offers coverage without looking cakey, it doesn't turn to plaster in contact with my oily skin.   
I love the finish that it offers, which is matte, but highly luminous at the same time. This powder never feels dry or uncomfortable on my skin, it blends in perfectly, making my skin look natural,yet perfected. 
I think when worn alone it offers light coverage, buildable to medium.

And now for the issues I have with this powder. 
My problem is my oily skin. Although many specialists recommend powder foundations for oily skin, they simply don't work for me. Most of them (not the Chanel one being reviewed here) make my face uncomfortably matte in the first place, but I think this only stimulates the production of sebum, which bursts out of all my pores within 30 minutes or so and turns my face into some kind of gooey mess.

Chanel Vitalumiere Loose Powder Foundation doesn't feel uncomfortable or look ageing matte when first applied, but it does nothing to control my oilies. As a result, my face gets shiny pretty quickly and the foundation doesn't stay in place. Instead it disappears from my nose and migrates towards the enlarged pores on my cheeks. 

That is why I never use this product as a foundation, just to avoid packing it on my face for some more coverage. But I really like it as a setting powder over strongly mattifying foundations which still require some powder to allow smooth application and blending of bronzers and blushes. 
I don't use the small and densely packed kabuki brush included. I reach for my trusty fluffy ELF kabuki brush instead, which makes it possible to buff the powder lightly in, without packing on much product.

I strongly recommend this product for anyone with normal, non-problematic skin, who wishes to perfect the appearance of their skin. The fact that it underperforms for me may be solely attributed to my oily skin. I personally am not going to repurchase, but I will continue using this in certain situations, when it turns out to be a life-saver for me. 

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