Sunday, 7 June 2015

Bourjois So Laque Glossy in #06 Adora-bleu and #10Succes azure review

I'd seen these Bourjois So Laque Glossy nail polishes many times before, but never felt tempted to get any of these until I saw #06 Adora-bleu on 40% off offer.
This polish comes in a lovely bottle which is not only gorgeous, but also practical. 
It has s flattish, long-bristled brush, which allows me to cover my nails quite effortlessly, even though I prefer much wider brushes.
The colour is adorable. It's such a pretty periwinkle blue which borders on pastel shade. It's both bright and sultry. 
The formula requires 2 coats to be fully opaque and streak-free, it wears well for a couple of days, but I never attempted to check how it lives up to its 10-day claim.

After a major success of my first purchase I thought I'd add one more nail polish from the same line to my collection and I picked #10 Succes azure which seemed to be such an interesting colour, but turned out to be such a disappointment.

But let me start with the good first. The formula was nicely opaque and two coats gave even and streak-free colour. I also like the relatively wide and flattish brush which makes things so much easier. And this is about it. 
Now on to my rant.
During the application I somehow managed to flood my cuticles completely, which may be attributed to my clumsiness, but this really hardly ever happens to me. 
The shade turned out to be different than I'd expected. Instead of a unique deep aquatic turquoise blue this leans teal green. This shade looks very pretty in direct sunlight and I find it ugly and dull in the shade. I know that colour is a matter of personal preference and what I dislike may be somebody's favourite shade, but I just don't see myself reaching for this polish often. 
However, the worst is yet to come...
The polish started chipping badly on the second day, not only on the tips of my nails, where all signs of wear and tear appear the fastest, but also around my cuticles. 
So, after two days of wearing the polish on my nails I couldn't stand what it looked like any longer and decided to remove it. And what happened then was the last straw. The pigment contained in the polish is so strong that it stained the entire tips of my fingers green. The nails themselves weren't stained, but whatever the melted polish touched was. I went to work the next day with a brand new coat of red polish and green fingers. End of story. One of the worst polishes ever.

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