Friday, 26 June 2015

Korean goodies: Toosowoong Bee Natural Pure Lotion review

I was rather sceptical when I got this cream as it says clearly this is an AC-control treatment. I don't suffer from acne, just occasional breakouts here and there, so I didn't think this was reason enough to reach for acne treatment. What put me off using this product  was my previous experience with such products which tended to be rather drying and harsh, they combated one problem by creating other. 

Toosowoong Bee Natural Pure Lotion couldn't be further away from that image.
The leaflet says naturally derived ingredients like bee venom or galactomyces bifida ferments are meant to soothe and neutralize acne-prone skin.
This lotion has a dense consistency that applies really smoothly and makes my skin feel soft and hydrated in an instant. This cream is not mattifying by any means, but leaves healthy and glowing complexion. For my oily skin I find it too heavy to wear under my make-up, so I either apply this at night or on these days when I don't wear any make-up.
 As for its acne-control properties I don't think it does much to treat anything (did nothing to prevent hormonal breakouts or make them disappear), but I'm sure this would do a great job soothing skin irritation, redness and dryness related to heavy duty acne treatments  without being overly greasy.

I'm really enjoying this cream because of how it makes my skin feel and also because of its convenient and sanitary packaging, and lack of perfume which doesn't make this cream smell synthetic or repulsive.
This is a really good, gentle moiosturiser for all skin types.

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