Friday, 19 June 2015

Made in Poland: Pharmaceris T Intense Face Mattifying Cream-Gel review

When I got this Pharmaceris T Intense Mattifying Gel-Cream I didn't like it at first. We were in the midst of the hottest summer ever and I was desperate to find something that would keep my feel matte for at least half an hour and nothing, including Pharmaceris T, did that job. So down the drawer it went to emerge in early spring and become one of my favourite moisturisers.  

Pharmaceris is a Polish dermacosmetics brand, offering about 13 lines of cosmetics for face, hair and body, targetting different concerns like very dry skin, acne, capilaries, baby and mother's skin to name but a few.
Each line is marked with a letter referring to the issue it addresses, which in this case is T (T stands for tradzik, which means acne in Polish).
I don't have acne, but since acne is often associated with sebum production, most cosmetics for acne-prone skin are mattifying at the same time.
This cream comes with a convenient dispenser, which distributes the right amount of product. 
I think the term gel-cream is a bit misleading in case of this cream. I do admit that it looks semi-transparent, but the consistency is on the thicker side. The way it applies reminds me of a primer as it seems to smooth out the texture of my skin, leaving it soft and moisturised. This cream takes a while to absorb and the mattifying result isn't immediate, that's why I didn't like it in the summer (while the cream was absorbing, my sweat ran down my face, making the results of the cream invisible).
In the cooler months of the year the cream does its job very well without making my skin feel dry, tight and dehydrated. This cream is an excellent make-up base for oily skin types.  

If you're ever in Poland and would like to try out something local, I strongly recommend getting a product by Pharmaceris which addresses your skin concerns. All of them are made according to the highest European standards while remaining relatively affordable at the same time (especially for a Western wallet). 

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