Sunday, 26 July 2015

Korean goodies: The YEON Style Y Natural Sketch Eyebrow Pencil and Powder and Eybrow Simple Tatoo review

Today I'd like to review 2 brow products by a Korean brand The YEON, which arrived under my roof but somehow couldn't get round to reviewing them, even though I formed my opinion instantly.
After almost a year I'm about to part with these two and I believe it's high time to say what I think.

The Style Y Natural Sketch Eyebrow Pencil and Powder is a kind of brow styling product that is not entirely new to me. I've already used a triangular, slanted brow liner by Etude House, but this one is different as instead of a spoolie on the other end, this comes with a small powder container, located in the cap and a sponge applicator. 

The idea of the product is great. Slanted eyeliners make it so easy to fill in the eyebrows. When you hold the pen vertically, you can fill in the front of your brows, held horizontally, it draws a narrow line towards the outer edges.
If that wasn't enough, you can reach for the powder to fill in any sparse areas, build up the colour and set the cream product. 

I've got this in the shade #01 Light Brown, which is a perfect shade for me. It's a light khakish taupe which suits me well.

In theory everything is perfect, but unfortunately the quality of the product is shameful. The pigmentation of the brow product is near to zero, which wouldn't be bad if it was nicely buildable. The problem is that this pencil is as hard as a piece of plastic. It's so unpleasant and actually painful to use. Dabbing your skin multiple times with something like this to build up the colour is unnacceptable and after so many attempts the line is never neat. 

Overall, it's a great concept, but so badly executed.

left: powder, right: liner

The second product, Style Y Natural Sketch Eyebrow Tatoo, on the other hand, is a product I never expected to work for me and kind of feared to use, but turned out to be perfectly fine. 

When I first saw this product I was concerned about its gray shade and its permanent nature.What if I go wrong? Will I be able to correct my mistakes? And overall, I hate a tatooed eyebrow kind of looks. 

To my surprise, this pen, which looks exactly like most typical felt-tip eyeliners do, offers a very natural, well-groomed brows. What you do is apply this product similarly to Anastasia Brow Wiz in short strokes, which resemble hairs. The colour is sheer, which means it's hard to go overboard in one stroke, so you have full control over the application. You may want to brush the brows with a spoolie for an even more natural and well-blended look. 
I don't think this pen stains my brows, but it lasts all day without melting or smudging.  

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