Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Korean goodies: Youngface Natural Powder Mask & Scrub review

This interesting face mask by Young Face came in one of Whole Grain Memeboxes.
This is a sachet containing 50g of nuruk powder. We learn from the info sheet that nuruk is a type of flour used in the process of making fermented alcohol. The acid created in the process is known for its moisturising, brightening and anti-wrinkle properties.

The process of applying the mask is a bit time consuming, and this is the reason why a person in a hurry can rarely devote herself to the beauty ritual and hence the irregularity of using the product.
What you need to do is to mix a spoonful of the powder with water, milk, honey or plain yogurt to create a paste. So far I've tried water and honey and very much prefer the latter.
Then we're supposed to spread the mixture over the face, which isn't all that easy as the wholemeal flour base refuses to go on smoothly, then place a gauze over and apply another layer. I can see the point of this method as without the gauze the mask melts down the face and the gauze holds it in place, but honestly, this is so difficult to apply on your own. I think this is a good treatment for beauty salons where you spend hours being pampered.
So, with this plaster on you lie and relax for 15-20 minutes, remove everything and rinse the remains with water. The grains embedded in the flour exfoliate the skin softly as you wash them off. 
This is a good choice for anyone into home-made treatments, but I don't feel this has done anything spectacular to my face. I think this nuruk powder can be replaced with any kind of whole grain flour from your supermarket next door, mixed with anything you like, depending on your skin's needs. There's definitely no need to order this thing from Korea, but the idea is worth copying.

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