Thursday, 8 September 2011

Back to work

I'm going back to work after 2-year maternity gap. Having spent so much time imprisoned at home I seem unemployable. To give myself a bit of push, a little encouragement I got myself some new stuff for autumn.

I love the H&M bag, which is soooo big it'll hold all my books and other stuff. Zara ankle boots are so different from anything I've got! And the scarf (Tchibo) matches my blue and purple make-up and nails perfectly!

What is more I've learnt today that I'm gonna work 7.30-11 on most days and 7.30-13 twice a week! This means we'll manage to take care of Adam without hiring a baby sitter! Yay! And I'll have some time only for myself! Seems everything's gonna work out fine.

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