Thursday, 1 September 2011

Finally, a weekend to remember when winter comes

This was a marvellous weekend. Could have been even better if the weather stayed good longer, but even the way it was it will be remembered cause nice weekends wre so rare this summer...

Good weather started on Friday with sunshine and the temperature of around 26°C so me and my neighbour-friend Gosia took our kids to the sea. This was the first time this summer that we actually went to the beach and played in the sand and I let the boys paddle in water. The kids were extatic. Adas was a bit nonplussed in the beginning as his bare little feet touched sand for the first time and he didn't realise he could delve into the water. This was a beautiful moment in my life to sit and watch those little rascals play so happily, so together, without any need for me to interfere...

On Saturday the spell of good weather continued so we thought it a good idea to skip cleaning the flat and get away. We packed the kids' stuff and rushed to Lidl to get some picnic stuff (rolls and tinned meat and the most delicious croissants in the area and buttermilk) and rushed to one of my favourite places on earth, the forests and lakes surrounding Koscierzyna. There's this small lake in the forest, with the bottom assandy as the sea and the warmest water you can get in Polish summer (unfortunately there's no beach, or rather the presence of the beach very much depends on the amount of water in the lake, after this year's rains the beach has very definitely disappeared). I absolutely adore this place and the kids fell in love with it instantly. Once they saw water they jumped in and it was impossible to drag them out. We had to feed them while wading around them, trying to locate where their mouths were, so busy they were splishsploshing. I felt so happy there, so positively charged. Couldn't have all summer been like this one day?

On our way back home we indulged in a bit of off road experience and wandered along unfrequented forest roads diving in pools of sand, producing clouds of dust. Or splashing mud all around. We enjoyed ourselves quite the same way our kids did an hour earlier! Then, to satisfy Mikolaj's needs we popped in to the train station in Koscierzyna to see if there were any trains, unfortunately there was only one, which didn't intend to move for another half hour, we didn't have enough time to wait.
When we finally reached home we had to hurry putting the boys to beds cause Marta and Aska promised to drop in. We concluded the evening gossiping and drinking. Nice.

We hoped to spend our Sunday in very much the same way. Unfortunately the weather changed and taking children to the lake was out of the question. Since our day ended pretty late the previous night we felt we needed some extra sleep, so together with Adas we took a little nap after lunch (I cooked toad in the hole with onion gravy, yummy!). Mikolaj was watching Cbeebies. Then, so as not to waste the whole day we went to the train station in Malbork, where the boys saw a number of trains of different kinds, then they expressed the will to eat something at Mc Donald's so we headed towards Tczew (not that there's no Mc Donalds in Malbork, Mc Donald's in Tczew seemed equally good). On our way back I joined the boy on the rear seat and we had plenty of fun doing all the stupid things together. Adam's laugh is infectious.
Our day ended quite similarly to the previous one as this time we had the pleasure to host AdAsie and Zmariusz (a rare guest recently, unfortunately).

This hectic time still continues. On Tuesday we had a bit of family reunion, Darek dropped in in the evening (shepherds pie and apple crumble with vanilla ice cream was the menu), then aunt and uncle came to see us in the morning.

Today Mikolaj returned to kindergarten, but I guess this was a kind of stressful day to him cause he gave us hell when he returned. Hope tomorrow is better!

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