Thursday, 11 July 2013

(bi-)weekly snippets #2

Another two weeks have passed on idle holidaying.
Last Wednesday we turned ourselves into festival crowd and enjoyed ourselves at Heinekenn Opener Festival. I consider our festival debut successful, repeat visits are highly possible.
Music didn't matter that much. For a parent of two spending a warm summer night outdoors constitutes an event. Even better if the night is spent in the right company, with the right music around.

On Saturday Ania threw an Opener afterparty, which, apart from the general drunkenness, was a night of curious social interactions with a sundry mix of characters gathered at the table.

Apart from a very intense party time, I'm also indulging in the pure relaxation of holiday by the sea. Now that we\re about to move further landwards, I'm starting to love the fall in love with spending days by the sea. Last week we spent a beautiful morning on the beach, with the weather being nowhere near scorching heat, the beach was not the most popular place in the city. The boys played in the water until the waves reached Adam's hat and he announced out retreat home.  

Plenty of other small things have been going on. 
I seem to enjoy fruit/veggie shopping. I don't really like the greens, but they seem so delicious this year.
The boys move around on scooters. I run behind them.
I sleep long and take 2-hour nap every day.
I go to bed late.
I'm trying to eat healthy and I hardly eat any meat, though I find almond ice creams from Lidl irresistible. And I don't even like ice creams.
I try to exercise.
I'm getting addicted to the love I receive from my children. Hearing I love you mum makes me the most fulfilled woman in the world.

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