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Dr Brandt CC Cream Mat in Light to Medium review

Dr Brandt CC Cream Mat in Light to Medium

This Dr. Brandt CC Cream Mat is the first CC cream I've ever used and I must admit it was not love at first sight. But over the weeks of using it I gradually learned to love it and now I know I'll repurchase each summer.

Dr Brandt CC Cream Mat in Light to Medium

There are many things that put me off at first. First of all, the packaging is of sort of lower drugstore quality. As you can see in the picture above the lid, when screwed tightly on, closes at a weird angle, which makes it difficult to open the product. Not a big deal, but for the price tag I'd expect something better.
The tube generally looks kind of cheap, with the brand being a niche one and the packaging so unimaginative you'd never suspect that this is actually a high-end product.

Dr Brandt CC Cream Mat in Light to Medium

The second thing was the shade, which initially seemed way too dark, but in fact it blended in so well that it wasn't an issue at all.
The third thing that repelled me was the fact that this cream offered almost no coverage at all. An expensive sunscreen, I thought. But after I'd read more about CC creams, I realised that this was actually what CC creams were meant to be like. They offer numerous skincare benefits while subtly correcting the skin tone.
And this is exactly what Dr. Brandt CC Cream Mat does. 
It's lightweight-almost whipped-and, effortless in application, buildable, smooth, odourless and leaves healthy mat finish.

Dr Brandt CC Cream Mat in Light to Medium

During the recent heatwave I tested this CC cream on the beach and it proved an excellent choice for such situations and temperatures for a number of reasons: 
  • While it toned down my redness and evened out my skin tone, it still looked suitable for the beach, without looking like I'd slapped on too much make-up
  • It lasted decently in the heat. It didn't look weirdly matte, but didn't allow my face to look like an oil slick. Didn't melt either. 
  • With its SPF30/PA+++ it offered good sun protection, I didn't notice any natural tan on my face, not to mention any sunburns
  • Moisturised my skin well

One thing you definitely need to remember when applying this cream is to shake it well, otherwise it separates. This was quite difficult to do when the tube was full, but now, when it's half-used 

I wouldn't recommend this CC cream to anyone who has something to hide, the coverage is almost non-existent. Dry skin types may find it too drying. I wouldn't wear it to work as the finish it offers is not 'polished' enough. 
To me this is a perfect holiday product, no matter whether on a beach or in the city. It's easy to travel with, the packaging is lightweight and you don't need to carry tons of brushes to apply it as your own fingers are the best tool. It gives a natural finish for oily skin and protects you from the sun. 
Although I see the product disappear from the tube quite quickly - it's not a little-goes-a-long-way kind of product at all - I think this tube will last till the end of my holiday. Next year I'll repurchase.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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